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02 Apr 2016
1let insertionSort = (inputArr) => {
2    for (let i = 1; i < inputArr.length; i++) {
3        let key = inputArr[i];
4        let j = i - 1;
5        while (j >= 0 && inputArr[j] > key) {
6            inputArr[j + 1] = inputArr[j];
7            j = j - 1;
8        }
9        inputArr[j + 1] = key;
10    }
11    return inputArr;
24 Jan 2020
1function insertionSort(inputArr) {
2    let n = inputArr.length;
3        for (let i = 1; i < n; i++) {
4            // Choosing the first element in our unsorted subarray
5            let current = inputArr[i];
6            // The last element of our sorted subarray
7            let j = i-1; 
8            while ((j > -1) && (current < inputArr[j])) {
9                inputArr[j+1] = inputArr[j];
10                j--;
11            }
12            inputArr[j+1] = current;
13        }
14    return inputArr;
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