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02 Nov 2017
1import time
2import pyttsx3
4def countdown(t):
5    while t:
6        mins, seconds = divmod(t, 60)
7        timer = "{:02d}:{:02d}".format(mins,seconds)
8        print(timer, end="\r")
9        time.sleep(1)
10        t -= 1
12    pyttsx3.speak("Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep")
13    pyttsx3.speak("Timer has completed")
14    print("Timer has done")
15timer = int(input("Enter the time in seconds:- "))
07 Feb 2019
1import tkinter as tk
4class ExampleApp(tk.Tk):
5    def __init__(self):
6        tk.Tk.__init__(self)
7        self.label = tk.Label(self, text="", width=10)
8        self.label.pack()
9        self.remaining = 0
10        self.countdown(10) 
12    def countdown(self, remaining = None):
13        if remaining is not None:
14            self.remaining = remaining
16        if self.remaining <= 0:
17            self.label.configure(text="time's up!")
18        else:
19            self.label.configure(text="%d" % self.remaining)
20            self.remaining = self.remaining - 1
21            self.after(1000, self.countdown)
23if __name__ == "__main__":
24    app = ExampleApp()
25    app.mainloop()
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