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03 Oct 2017
1import { useHistory } from 'react-router-dom'
4const [ locationKeys, setLocationKeys ] = useState([])
5const history = useHistory()
7useEffect(() => {
8  return history.listen(location => {
9    if (history.action === 'PUSH') {
10      setLocationKeys([ location.key ])
11    }
13    if (history.action === 'POP') {
14      if (locationKeys[1] === location.key) {
15        setLocationKeys(([ _, ...keys ]) => keys)
17        // Handle forward event
19      } else {
20        setLocationKeys((keys) => [ location.key, ...keys ])
22        // Handle back event
24      }
25    }
26  })
27}, [ locationKeys, ])
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