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31 Feb 2017
2	.then(response => response.json())
3	.then(data => console.log(data))
4	.catch(err => console.error(err));
02 Jun 2016
1fetch('', {
2  method: "GET",
3  headers: {"Content-type": "application/json;charset=UTF-8"}
5.then(response => response.json()) 
6.then(json => console.log(json)); 
7.catch(err => console.log(err));
21 Apr 2016
2  .then((response) => response.json())
3  .then((data) => {
4  	console.log(data);
5  })
04 Feb 2016
1// This will fetch with a header and a body
2fetch(``, {
3  method: 'POST', //This could be any http method
4  headers: {
5    'Authorization': 'Basic SGVsbG8gdGhlcmUgOikgSGF2ZSBhIGdvb2QgZGF5IQ==',
6    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
7  },
8  body: JSON.stringify({
9	UID: 58,
10    Comment: "Fetch is really easy!",
11  }),
13.then((response) => response.json())
14.then((newComment) => {
15  // Do something magical with your newly posted comment :)
13 Jun 2016
2  .then((response) => {
3    return response.json();
4  })
5  .then((data) => {
6    console.log(data);
7  });
08 Jan 2018
2    .then(response => {
3        // handle the response
4    })
5    .catch(error => {
6        // handle the error
7    });
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