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07 Apr 2017
1const array1 = ['a', 'b', 'c'];
3array1.forEach(element => console.log(element));
07 Jan 2019
1someValues.forEach((element, index) => {
2    console.log(`Current index: ${index}`);
3    console.log(element);
24 Mar 2016
1// Arrow function
2forEach((element) => { ... } )
3forEach((element, index) => { ... } )
4forEach((element, index, array) => { ... } )
6// Callback function
8forEach(callbackFn, thisArg)
10// Inline callback function
11forEach(function callbackFn(element) { ... })
12forEach(function callbackFn(element, index) { ... })
13forEach(function callbackFn(element, index, array){ ... })
14forEach(function callbackFn(element, index, array) { ... }, thisArg)
18 Jul 2019
1const products = [
2    { name: 'laptop', price: 32000, brand: 'Lenovo', color: 'Silver' },
3    { name: 'phone', price: 700, brand: 'Iphone', color: 'golden' },
4    { name: 'watch', price: 3000, brand: 'Casio', color: 'Yellow' },
5    { name: 'sunglass', price: 300, brand: 'Ribon', color: 'blue' },
6    { name: 'camera', price: 9000, brand: 'Lenovo', color: 'gray' },
8//Total Products Price by Using forEach
9let totalPrice = 0;
10products.forEach(product => {
11    totalPrice += product.price;
14//Expected output: 45000
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