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15 Apr 2019
1The wrong airline to get from Reno to Las Vegas
11 Jan 2020
1When XML code and Javascript Code combine it's JSX code.
13 Jan 2018
1instead of putting JavaScript into HTML,
2JSX allows us to put HTML into JavaScript.
3JSX stands for JavaScript XML. 
4It is simply a syntax extension of React. 
5It allows us to directly write HTML in React.
09 Jan 2019
11) Option One: Online
62) Option Two: System (assuming you have npm)
7npm install html-to-jsx
15 May 2019
1მედიცინის ფაკულტეტი ფაკულტეტის მედიცინის საგანმანათლებლო პროგრამა (2016)
16 Oct 2020
3Stay focused, learn for real !
5UX, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, Flex-box and Grid – from Zero to Master – course, featuring 15-minute max-length lessons.
7A state-of-the-art Front-End course, created to get through all the topics which will make you a web design hero, starting from the User Experience foundations- appliable to all aspects of the Front-End development getting to extra, SASS -related contents.
9You will learn to use flex boxes and grids with and without the help of tools whose aim is to simplify the insertion, such as Bootstrap, a very famous element -library (Framework CSS) able to lead you accompany you along the route of the style-sheets (CSS)
11The course includes two projects with which you will be able to develop autonomously a modern, personal website and make it graphically perfect and responsive, even without the help of different device-related (PC, tablet, smartphone) settings, in addition to manage the Bootstrap framework in its fundamental functionalities.
13Course suitable for every type of student, it does not require any type of ITC know-how, you only need to have a PC to follow all the steps of this fantastic journey.
15Every single video has been inserted into a specific section to simplify the learning, to give you the liberty to follow it at your ease, according to the time you decide to dedicate to it, distributing the length of every step in the best possible way.
17You will find different exercises which will help you test hands-on what you have been learning in the various steps of the course : the structure of every section of lessons has been created to simulate the classroom experience, with the difference that it’s up to you when to take a break, enabling you to make out by yourself whether every piece of information has been fully attained.
19The topics of the lessons are essential to learn all the details of the Front-End web development: you will be prepared on all aspects, ready to work hands -on with the tools you prefer, exploiting fully all potential
21Every published update will be signaled to you in a clear way: I will give you the opportunity to choose the topics to drill down.
23Go through the list of the sections to have an idea of the accuracy this course is made with: nothing is slapdash, everything is put forward in the easiest and most comprehensible way and… do not forget to follow my personal page. In it, you will find all the courses I am gradually completing to make you become an absolute ITC expert!
25Do you already have questions? Go through the list provided in this course, they might have already been answered, if not, use the forum or else simply ask, you’d better sort out even the smallest doubt to allow yourself to learn without any difficulties.
26Who this course is for:
28    Any user without any programming experience willing to take up web design
29    Any user with a limited Front-End programming experience but willing to upgrade such a skill
30    Any expert user yet wanting to improve his/her Front-End skills to become a real professional
31    Any Back-End expert user feeling like improving his/her skills with also a web design course
35    No previous web programming knowledge is required
36    A computer with an Internet connection with Windows, Mac or Linux
38Last Updated 3/2021
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