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18 Mar 2016
3>	        Greater than	    a > b   gt(a, b)        __gt__(self, other)
4>=	        Greater or equal to	a >= b  ge(a, b)        __ge__(self, other)
5<	        Less than	        a < b   lt(a, b)        __lt__(self, other)
6<=	        Less or equal to	a <= b  le(a, b)        __le__(self, other)
7==	        Equal to	        a == b  eq(a, b)        __eq__(self, other)
8!=	        Not equal to        a != b  ne(a, b)        __ne__(self, other)
12+	        Addition	        a + b   add(a, b)       __add__(self, other)
13–	        Subtraction	        a - b   sub(a, b)       __sub__(self, other)
14*	        Multiplication	    a * b   mul(a, b)       __mul__(self, other)
15/	        True Division	    a / b   truediv(a, b)   __truediv__(self, other)
16//	        Floor Division	    a // b  floordiv(a, b)  __floordiv__(self, other)
17%	        Modulo	            a % b   mod(a, b)       __mod__(self, other)
18**	        Power	            a ** b  pow(a, b)       __pow__(self, other)
22&	        Bitwise AND	        a & b   and_(a, b)      __and__(self, other)
23|	        Bitwise OR	        a | b   or_(a,b)        __or__(self, other)
24^	        Bitwise XOR	        a ^ b   xor(a, b)       __xor__(self, other)
25~           Bitwise NOT         ~ a     invert(a)       __invert__(self)
26>>          Bitwise R shift     a >> b  rshift(a, b)    __irshift__(self, other)
27<<          Bitwise L shift     a << b  lshift(a, b)    __lshift__(self, other)
13 Jan 2016
1# Below follow the math operators that can be used in python
2# ** Exponent	
32 ** 3 # Output: 8
4# % Modulus/Remaider	
522 % 8 # Output: 6
6# // Integer division	
722 // 8 # Output: 2
8# / Division	
922 / 8 # Output: 2.75
10# * Multiplication	
113 * 3 # Output: 9
12# - Subtraction	
135 - 2 # Output: 3
14# + Addition	
152 + 2 # Output: 4
02 Feb 2016
1# Syntax for Boolean expression with or in Python
2exp1 or exp2
10 Nov 2020
1# Below follow the comparison operators that can be used in python
2# == Equal to
342 == 42 # Output: True
4# != Not equal to
5'dog' != 'cat' # Output: True
6# < Less than
745 < 42 # Output: False
8# > Greater Than
945 > 42 # Output: True
10# <= Less than or Equal to
1140 <= 40 # Output: True
12# >= Greater than or Equal to
1339 >= 40 # Output: False
17 Mar 2018
1>>> s1 = {"a", "b", "c"}
2>>> s2 = {"d", "e", "f"}
4>>> # OR, | 
5>>> s1 | s2
6{'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f'}
7>>> s1                                                     # `s1` is unchanged
8{'a', 'b', 'c'}
10>>> # In-place OR, |=
11>>> s1 |= s2
12>>> s1                                                     # `s1` is reassigned
13{'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', 'e', 'f'}
15 Nov 2019
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