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03 Mar 2018
1import time, os
3seconds_to_go_for = 10 # How long the timer will go for
4current_time = int(time.time()) # Gets the time before the timer starts
6def clear():
7  if == "nt":
8    os.system("cls") # Clear function, to avoid spam. Source:
9  else:
10    os.system("clear")
12while True:
13  time_now = int(time.time()) # Gets time during the timer's running
14  if time_now >= current_time + seconds_to_go_for: # Checks if enough time has passed
15    break # Stops loop if so
17  print(f"Seconds passed: {time_now - current_time}") # Prints how much time has passed
18  clear()
19print("The timer has ended") 
10 Feb 2017
1def hello():
2    print "hello, world"
4t = Timer(30.0, hello)
5t.start() # after 30 seconds, "hello, world" will be printed
07 Feb 2019
1import time
2import os
4a = int(0)
5b = int(0)
7while True:
8    print(str(b) + " minutes " + str(a) + " seconds")
9    a += 1
10    time.sleep(0.9999999)
11    if a == 59:
12        a = 0
13        b += 1
14    os.system('cls')
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