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21 Sep 2020
1from tkinter import * #import
3def main():
4  screen = Tk()#initialize
5  screen.geomerty("num1xnum2") #pixels
6  screen.title("Title")
7  screen.cofigure(bg = 'grey')#hex colors or normal colors
9  screen.mainloop()
06 Jun 2020
1import tkinter as tk
2root = tk.Tk()
3root.title("my title")
7#	enter widgets here
22 May 2017
1Make your event handler a lambda function, which calls your command() - in this case get_dir()
2- with whatever arguments you want:
4xbBrowse = Button(frameN, text="Browse...", font=fontReg, command=lambda : self.get_dir(xbPath))
26 Jun 2018
1# App python gui
3import tkinter as tk
4import webbrowser as wb
7def Facebook():
11def Instagram():
15def Twitter():
19def Youtube():
23def Google():
27window = tk.Tk()
30google = tk.Button(window, text='Google', command=Google)
31youtube = tk.Button(window, text='Youtube', bg='red', fg='white', command=Youtube)
32twitter = tk.Button(window, text='Twitter', bg='powder blue', fg='white', command=Twitter)
33Instagram = tk.Button(window, text='Instagram', bg='white', fg='black', command=Instagram)
34facebook = tk.Button(window, text='Facebook', bg='blue', fg='white', command=Facebook)
18 Sep 2016
1import tkinter as tk
3obj = tk.Tk() # Creates a tkinter object
4label = tk.Label(obj, text="This is a text button")
27 Aug 2019
1import tkinter as tk #import the tkinter module as tk
3core = tk.Tk() #makes the core (or root)
4mylabel = tk.Label(core, text="Hello world!") #makes a label
5mylabel.grid(row=0, column=1) #places the object in a virtual grid
7tk.Pack() #Pack the object(s)
8core.mainloop()#Make the application a loop (needed)
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