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17 Mar 2016
1function binaryAgent(str) {
3var newBin = str.split(" ");
4var binCode = [];
6for (i = 0; i < newBin.length; i++) {
7    binCode.push(String.fromCharCode(parseInt(newBin[i], 2)));
8  }
9return binCode.join("");
11binaryAgent('01000001 01110010 01100101 01101110 00100111 01110100');
12//translates to "Aren't"
19 Jun 2020
1// string to binary
4// binary to string
5parseInt(num.toString(2), 2);
14 Mar 2020
1/* From decimal to binary (similar fo rother base) */
2const num = 7;
3num.toString(2); // output: "111"
5/* From binary (similar fo rother base) to decimal */
6parseInt("111", 2); // output: 7
22 Mar 2019
1function bin(num) {
2    var binn = [];
3    var c;
4    while (num != 1) {
5        c = Math.floor(num / 2);
6        binn.unshift(num % 2);
7        num = c;
9    }
10    binn.unshift(1)
11    return binn
13//returns list of binary nos. in order
Juan Martín
09 Apr 2020
1let num = 2020;
2let x = +num.toString(2);
20 Nov 2018
1function stringToBinary(str) {
2    let strOut = "";
3    for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {
4        strOut += str[i].charCodeAt(0).toString(2);
5    }
6    return strOut
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