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11 Nov 2016
1from tkinter import * #import
3def main():
4  screen = Tk()#initialize
5  screen.geomerty("num1xnum2") #pixels
6  screen.title("Title")
7  screen.cofigure(bg = 'grey')#hex colors or normal colors
9  screen.mainloop()
12 Nov 2017
1from tkinter import *
2from tkinter import ttk
6Button(root,text="Get cursor type and colour", command=lambda: print(entry1['cursor'],entry1['insertbackground'])).pack()
27 Jan 2018
1from tkinter import *
3root = Tk()
5root.title("My App")
8def printhi(*args):
9	print("Hi!")
11btn = Button(root, text="Click to print hi", command=printhi), y=200)
02 Jun 2020
1Tkinter is the biuld-in GUI toolkit of python. You can
2easily make a graffical software using tkinter.
01 Jan 2018
1from tkinter import * # import tkinter
3window = Tk() #create a window
5window.mainloop() #update window
29 Sep 2018
1#The (!) is the not operator in Python, (!=) means not equal to.
2if 2!=10:
3  print("2 isn't equal to 10.")
4elif 2==10:
5  print("2 is equal to 10.")
6#Prints "2 isn't equal to 10." as 2 isn't equal to 10. Is it?
8#Note that "=" is used for declarations (assign a value to a variable or change the value of one) while "==" is usually used for checking.
9#Usually, "==" returns a boolean, but depends on the objects being checked if they're equal or not, that the result will be boolean.
10#For example, some NumPy objects when checked will return values other than boolean (other than True or False).
12#For example:
14a = 10
17#will return the int 10
22#will return a boolean, True as we have assigned the value of a as 10
24#Another example (to make it easier and to avoid confusion) would be where
26a = 10
27b = 10
33#will return a boolean, True as they're equal.
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